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Each select coffee bean reflects our commitment to Peruvian coffee growers, who bring the best select coffee to your table.

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We strive to form deep partnerships with farmers from all over the world to create perspective together and form healthy working relationships built on trust and respect.

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Classic Coffee

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Black coffee

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Strong coffee


Our History

We make and grow the best coffee in Peru, accompanying families since 1930, with professional workers who harvest, collect and select the coffee with quality work, thus providing exquisite coffee to enjoy together as a family.

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Steps of manufacturing our products

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Harvest occurs annually when the coffee beans reach maturity and are collected for processing.

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The beans are dried using a wet or dry technique, depending on the taste we want to obtain.

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The coffee is roasted and acquires its flavor by processing the grain in ovens.

Coffee is the best drink in the morning, it keeps you focused.

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